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Danaus plexippus - Monarch Butterfly
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Danaus plexippus - Monarch Butterfly

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The Danaus plexipus or Monarch butterfly was originally from North America, but now can be found all over Europe, South America, PNG, New Zealand and Australia. This frame shows the front and back of the butterfly which is a framing technique commonly referred to as Viso Verso.

Framed in recycled products. 15.5cm x 28.5cm



All butterflies and moths listed are real. Therefore, colours may vary slightly from the pictures. All butterflies and moths are A1 quality. Which means they are the best quality looking specimens, without many imperfections etc.


All insects mounted are sourced ethically, they pass away naturally. As these are real animals there may be some small imperfections.


All specimens are permanently mounted to the backboard and cannot be removed without damage to the specimen/s. None of the insects sold are considered endangered, rare or otherwise protected wildlife. All frames are fumigated. 

Being that these are a natural product Book Lice or sometimes referred to as ‘Museum Mites’ may occur in your frame. The lice/mites are common in most environments, they do not carry disease. These lice/mites look like black dust below the specimen (look for tiny things moving amongst the ‘dust’) These are best dealt with by the following. 

- Place the frame in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for a minimum of 3 days.

- Take out for 7 days and the put back in the freezer for 3 days again (This will ensure any eggs are killed).

Keep your frames out of direct sunlight and high humidity areas. This will help prevent mould and lice/mites.


All frames come in a recycled cardboard gift box.